Conversation with a theist. #Part1

I don’t usually converse with theists about the existence of god. But sometimes people become so dumb that I can’t control myself and I argue with them. This is a conversation with a girl whom I found on who didn’t even know that moon reflect sun’s light. Here’s what the conversation was like: Bulb

Jessica:Where did the universe come from?

Me: Why did it have to come from anything?

Jessica:Everything has to come from something.

Me: Then, you tell me. Where did the universe came from?

Jessica:The universe came from God.

Me:Where did God come from?

Jessica : God did not have to come from anything. He always was.

Me: Then everything does not have to come from something after all. Perhaps the universe always was.

Jessica : Many people believe that universe had a beginning,therefore it must have had a cause. That cause is God.

Me:Quantum events can happen without cause. Perhaps our universe was a quantum event in a larger universe that always was.

Jessica:You have no evidence for this.

Me: You have no evidence against it. Current physics and cosmology gives such an explanation.tumblr_li7trrgFdk1qgqej2

Conversation with a theist #Part2




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