Be your own God.

I am my own God.
I do not fear the unknown. I may not be able to move a lot of you but someday you’ll remember this post. We are all atheists. We all suit ourself as per our needs. You do not love God, you do
things in the name of God. You use God in the name of emotional support. You’re too weak inside…too weak to be responsible for your own
actions. You’re all scared not of the presence of God but “what if” God is there. You follow him
only ’cause your parents do. You never had your own point. You do not deserve freedom at all.

You’re your own culprits….slaves of your own mind. One, who cannot think on their own, deserves nothing. Stop fooling around. You don’t need a God. You need to improve yourself, purify yourself. Be your own God. Teach yourself lessons, learn from your mistakes. Be responsible for one day. Before you think I cannot change you, think, your children will do it to you, next generation will do it, don’t blame westernization then. Hate me today but I have given you a reason to
remember me tomorrow.

Two hands working are better than thousand clapped in prayers.


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