Conversation with a Theist #Part2

In the last part of Conversation with a Theist I showed how I met a Girl Who wanted to convert me into a theist by giving some stupid examples.This is the next part where I answer to her questions with some witty replies.

If you have not read the first part of the conversation, please read it here : Conversation with a theist #1


JESSICA:How could this happen? Where did the matter and energy of the universe come from?

Me:Matter  was created from energy in the early universe. Observations indicate that the positive energy of matter is exactly balanced by negative gravitational potential energy. Thus, the total energy of the universe is zero and no energy  was required to produce the universe.

JESSICA:Many prominent scientists don’t think the big bang happened. What does that do to your scenario?

Me:The data from cosmological observations, which has improved enormously in just the last few years, has left no doubt among current working cosmologists that the big bang happened. The remaining holdouts are a few older astronomers who are gradually dying out. They are like some nineteenth century chemists and physicists who refused to accept the atomic theory to their dying days. Furthermore, the big bang is used by theists such as Craig and Hugh Ross to support their theologies. It does not, but I caution atheists not to argue against theism by saying the big bang did not occur. It very definitely did.

JESSICA:But isn’t the universe fine tuned for life? Isn’t it true that the slightest change of any one of a number of physics constants would make life impossible? Is this not evidence for a universe intelligently designed for life?

Me:The universe is not fine tuned for life. Life is fine tuned for the universe. If we had a universe with different constants, we might have a different kind of life.

JESSICA: Doesn’t life require carbon, which would not exist without a delicate balance of nuclear parameters?

Me:Our kind of life, yes. We do not know about other kinds of life.

JESSICA: You can’t prove that life is possible without carbon.

Me: I do not have the burden of proof here. You are making the claim that only one kind of life is possible, carbon-based life. You have to prove that.We do not know how the universe is designed for life.It could have been an accident.  Nothing in current science says that is impossible.

It was a very long conversation because this girl didn’t knew a single thing about life.So,I’ll post the rest of the conversation in different parts. Follow me to know the rest of the conversation 😉




One thought on “Conversation with a Theist #Part2

  1. “You can’t prove that life is possible without carbon.”

    Another idea for a reply: “Well is god alive? Is god carbon-based then? If you think god’s alive and not carbon-based, then you already think life is possible without carbon.”

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