Possible reasons how ‘God’ came into existence.

Upgrading the society.

Imagine this scenario, A Buzz Wire Game is placed in a room and a group of people are told to play it. But some people are told that the room consist of an old lady spirit who died there a long time ago. Each person has to play this game alone in this room and a moderator would count how many times the person touched the wire.But the moderator leaves the room in between the game and tells the person to count his scores on his own.The person who didn’t knew about the old lady spirit was playing the game and cheated in counting the number of times he touched the wire when the moderator left. After that, the person who was knowing about the old lady spirit went to play the game,he didn’t cheated even when the moderator left. The experiment was tried again and again and every time,we got the same result. When asked from the people who didn’t cheated, they replied that they were feeling that someone was watching them in the room.
This experiment tells that once an idea is produced in someone’s mind it significantly changes the behavior,even when those people didn’t believed in the old lady spirit. The experiment shows that if people are led to imagine a supernatural presence they’ll then act in a more moral way.And this reaction comes in from deep within us, not from the supernatural force itself because the old lady wasn’t really dead. Once this idea has been shown hardly anyone in the room cheated.

There’s a likely evolutionary reason for this . Our ancestors didn’t knew about what was good or bad.When some of our ancestors started doing some wrong deeds(such as adultery,murdering etc)  a group of highly intellectual people thought of introducing an idea of supernatural power who would see everything and on a  judgement day will punish those who do wrong things or they’ll be sent to hell. This idea resulted in betterment of the society as people feared to do wrong deeds because of the presence of God. And the society still continue to follow this believe. But it doesn’t solve the problem. People still do wrong things even if they believe in God. So in the next few years, Science will prove this that God didn’t created humans, Humans created God.

An author’s idea.

As man learned the idea of reading and writing, many of the author’s started making new stories and writing new books, As we do now. One of the possible reasons is that all the religious books and about God was just an idea given by any author. Who else see talking snakes? These are nothing more than fairy tales written by some authors. Moreover, A book cannot decide whether God exists or not.

I will post more reasons soon.


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