How was the world created?

According to Christians.

God created the world in six days beginning with days and night,then the sky,sea and earth,then the sun,moon and stars,then the animals and finally the first man Adam,which he shaped in his image.He later created the first woman,Eve,from Adam’s rib.


It says so in Genesis

According to Hindu.


Several creation stories, in which the universe is in a never ending cycle of creation,destruction and rebirth. In the beginning there was nothing but darkness.The god Vishnu slept in the coils of a giant cobra,and upon awakening bore the God Brahma from a lotus,who in turn created the world and its inhabitants.

Evidence :

It says so in the Vedas.

According to Shinto.

In the beginning of time creation was mixed together in a great cloud. The lighter part rose and became the heavens,while the heavier parts descended and became oceans. From this a sprout began to grow into a flower,and when it opened the First God appeared.The first God created Izanagi and his wife Izanami, who together plunged a jewel-crested spear into the ocean.When they pulled it out,the first island of the Japanese archipelago was created. Izanagi and Izanami descended to the island and from there created the rest of the world.


It says so in Kojiki.

According to Chinese Myths.

From the chaos of the creation formed a cosmic egg,within the principles of Yin and Yang became balanced.The creator Pangu emerged from the egg and created the earth and the sky.To separate the two he stood between them and pushed.The task took 18,000 years ,during each day of which the sky grew ten feet higher, the earth ten feet thicker, and Pangu ten feet taller.


It says so in the Chinese mythology.

According to Norse.

In the dark void of beginning of time the giant Ymir was born from poison and frost,who suckled from the great cow Audumla. From her came the being Buri,who fathered Borr,who fathered the gods Odin,Vili and Ve. Borr’s son slew Ymir and created the earth from his body. The first man and woman,Ask and Embla,were created from an ash tree and an elm tree respectively.


It says so in the Eddas.

According to Science.

The universe was most likely to be created through some kind of Big Bang approximately 13.75 billion years ago.Take away one or two million. The Earth itself is around 4.54 billion years old,having been born through accretion in the solar nebula and eventually cooling and acquiring an atmosphere. Life on earth progressed and evolved from primitive organism to increasingly complex and diverse species via mutation and natural selection. Hominids branched off from apes about 3 to 5 million years ago,with the modern man first appearing around 200,000 years ago.


Radiometric dating,Hubble’s law,observation of cosmic background radiation,distribution and morphology of galaxies,theory of general relativity,genetics and phylogenetic,heredity,fossil records,geographic distribution and correlation and many many more!


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7 thoughts on “How was the world created?

  1. Your science knows knows nothing of how to make SOMETHING from NOTHING. Given you have no evidence anywhere that something can be made from nothing, as in the universe beginning from nothing, you have to have faith in the premise that something came from nothing. Obviously you can’t prove it so all you are left with faith in the premise. It’s your religion. Thus, you make the creation stories from other religions sound like nonsense. Ironically your story has no more merit than theirs.

    1. You are saying that we do not have evidence that something can be made from nothing.And how the religions say that God was always there and he created everything. You tell me, Who created God then?

      1. My proposition, where I now remind you repeatedly, is that from a collection of evidences your stories in science of creation have no more merit than ours. in your interpretation of creation, you depend on faith where you have no certainty.

        You are not listening. Your question is total irrelevant to the premise.

        I do not pretend that an explanation of God can be strictly rational. I certainly know that His nonexistence cannot be proven at all.

  2. Well , If science cannot answer anything doesn’t means that religion can fill these gaps with whatever fairy tale they want. Moreover There are number of things in the bible that are wrong but once a thing is confirmed in science, it is accepted by everyone.

  3. Indeed! Absolutely!! most things that are confirmed in science are accepted by everyone until they are seen as preposterous and then those things are confirmed by science and accepted by everybody. science is only what you see at the time with the power of the telescope Or microscope or intelligence you have.

    Science has a formula for carbon dating the depends upon a great deal of faith that commencing from the death of a substance we are sampling, for tens of thousands of years nothing altered in this world that alter the rate of decay from what we see now. The rate of decay for carbon dating cannot be confirmed. We can only guess concerning catastrophic events that have occurred on this planet over time. We cannot begin to suppose the consequences of those events on atomic structures.

    Most of that stuff you see in science are called theories they are not called facts.

    Were you aware that the world believed for a time through science that spontaneous generation existed? That would be, insects springing up from nothing but rotting meat.

    Prior to the discovery of radiation, scientists at the same time believed that the earth was 50 times older than they presently believed.

    John Adams became very ill from flulike symptoms. The science of his day nearly bled him to death to cure him. Science of the day bled hundreds of thousands of others to death. “Do no harm” the doctors said.

    Later than that, scientists “believed” that human observation next to an atomic explosion in some cases creates no damage to the person. Ungodly stupid.

    Later than that, Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize twice, originally had the DNA helix fatally wrong.

    in 1916, Albert Einstein did not know that the universe was expanding. Many of his formulas were Fatally wrong because of it.

    But the subject here is God. And there is no confirmation in science that God is not behind all of The correct stuff. As a matter of fact, The process of discovery In science absolutely muzzles God.

    1. If you want to begin And toward verification of the Bible, I offer this. Very little of the Bible or any sacred written text was written by God. That’s take a close look at the Bible. The Bible was established from a subset of ancient letters under the supervision of the pagan Emperor Constantine in the sixth century A.D.. Constantine then went on a rampage to slaughter all sacred texts not in his new Bible.

      You are confusing the Sacred Bible with God. Don’t do that.

      1. My Dragon dictation software created a jumble of my actual text. Sorry about that. I narrate here what I expected to appear in print:

        If you want to begin to question the validity of the Bible, I offer this. Very little of the Bible or any sacred written text was written by God. The Bible was established from a subset of ancient letters and selected under the supervision of the pagan Emperor Constantine (who was God on earth). The religious authorities in the Roman Empire were ordered to assemble. Less than one third of those invited attended. Some of those who were invited and attended or later arrested and exiled at the direction of the Emperor because they believed the accounts of spiritual men rejected at the Council of Nicaea.

        In short, the Bible provides limited insight into God.

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