My Life In a Glance.

This page is under-construction.But you can continue reading.

The universe tends to unfold as it should; here is how it has for me…



I was born in India in the year of 1998. I am still finding the reason of my existence.


Fascinated by Astronomy

I read my first astronomy book I guess “Born with a Bang” and I was quite impressed by it.I started thinking about the existence and beginning of Universe.


“The Dark Knight”

I was not too young to understand the real story about this movie but gradually I did. The dark side of the society,people’s moral and other stuff. One of the reason why I love Batman. +After seeing this movie I believe The Joker makes more sense.


Started thinking about God’s existence.

Is Man a mere mistake of the God? Or God a mere mistake of Man? We may never find. But thinking logically,you’ll see my points are more satisfying.




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